Tickets includes:

Early Bird Admission

  • General admission to 6 full-day classes
  • Source-code, PDF guides & web development tools
  • Access to lifetime members-only support group 
  • Access to post meetups

Learn to professionally code using PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS in just 6 weeks.

This is NOT your average 'Wordpress' or 'WooCommerce' type of course. You'll learn how to build everything, ground-up.

Build your own tech business or become a highly-paid web developer. Your change starts now.


6 Full Days of Learning
NOVEMBER 25 - 26

9AM - 5PM

Unit A211, 2nd Floor, Lift Lobby 3,

Block A, Damansara Intan E-Business Park,

1, Jln SS 20/27, 47400

Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Senior Full Stack Developer, Mentor.

Ph.D., Data Scientist, Full Stack Generalist.

Entrepreneur, Full Stack Developer, Founder of MOPPS.




Full Stack Developer, Sony Research & Dev Engineer.



Learn to professionally code in just 6 weeks with our hands-on, case-study based course in Malaysia. 

You’ll learn everything needed, to build a full market-ready E-Commerce website 

that you will launch at the end of the course. 

Using programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS - no stones will be left unturned in this course, as you’ll master them all.

 Run by our skilled team and dedicated tutors, this course is designed for beginners and intermediate level students – no matter your experience in website development. 

You'll gain highly in-demand, indispensable skills that not only future-proofs your career, but will transform you into a highly valuable individual.


Setup & Introduction to HTML & CSS


Have you always wondered what goes behind a successful E-Commerce site? 

On the first day, learn the fundamentals and discover industry practices to building a robust E-Commerce site, complete for mobile & desktop platforms. 

Our trainers will help you, set up your work environment and get you to start building. You’ll have a live page up by the end of day 1 itself.

  • Introduction to MVC (Model – View – Controller) 
  • Best industry practices to building E-commerce sites
  • Mastering HTML & CSS 
  • Desktop & mobile build functionality
  • Design to code

JavaScript Mastery


What is JavaScript and how do you use it to make your web pages more dynamic? And having mastered JavaScript, how do you speed up your coding workflow to the level of a professional developer with the use of jQuery? 

Learn one of the most important coding language and create dynamic functions for your website such as an ‘add to cart’ function, message sending function and more.

  • Understanding JavaScript and becoming an expert in it 
  • Creating animations & interaction points on your site
  • Build interesting and complex web functions
  • JavaScript and jQuery explained

PHP Immersion 1 – Introduction to PHP & MySQL


What actually goes behind an E-Commerce website and how does it work? 

Learn how to bridge front-end code with back-end (server-side) code, and ensure every element on your website is communicating well with your server. You will learn to code your first PHP program, understand PHP Variables, PHP Function, Objects, Operators and more. 

Most importantly, you’ll use what you’ve learnt and 'practically' practice it on the current E-Commerce site that you are building.

  • PHP explained 
  • Handling scripting & functionality explained
  • Data collection and creating input filters - safeguarding your server 

PHP Immersion 2 – Using PHP Frameworks & Speeding Up Your Workflow


Understand how PHP Frameworks will help you in speeding up your programming workflow and apply it to your E-Commerce site. 

You’ll learn how to sanitize your code to implement maximum security for your website and understand how professional developers, build sites quickly. 

Completing day 4, would mean you’ll be moving towards being a Full-Stack developer – short for someone who mastered both front-end and back-end of a web development stack.   

  • Industry tips and tricks to speeding up workflow
  • Using and deploying Code Igniter
  • Ensuring complete security for your E-Commerce website
  • Full-Stack development mastery 

Integrating Payment Gateways & Email Systems


With an E-Commerce site with products and functionality ready, how do you communicate and accept payments from your users? How do E-Commerce giants such as Lazada & Zalora, do it?

Learn from our trainers as they show you how to set up & integrate secure payment gateways, integrate email systems and invoicing softwares – to complete an E-Commerce site.

  • Understanding and modeling after giant E-Commerce sites (Lazada, Mudah, Alibaba)
  • Integrating robust and secure payment systems
  • Setting up additional software integrations (Invoicing, email, etc.)

Making Additional Customization & Launching Your E-Commerce Website


In day 6, you will explore additional customization for your now ready E-Commerce website. 

Create & build unique functionalities that are unique to your nature of business and direction. Adding the final touches, you’ll also add additional key builds, learn the best industry practices to optimizing your E-Commerce site and debug any possible errors. 

Once ready, you’ll launch your E-Commerce, ready for market and business.

  • Additional page builds (Order page, shipping page, dynamic pages and more)
  • Optimizing website for speed, security and searchability. 
  • Debugging work set and ensuring site works on all platforms, desktop, mobile, tablet. 

Enroll today and join our students, many of whom have changed careers, found new opportunities and created second income streams. 

"Thank you Dr.Lau & team. I'm more confident to build my own E-Commerce site now. Not going to use Shopify anymore."

Sharon Teh

Kong Eng Seong

"As a student, this course has taught more than my own university. I like it because we learn things we can apply in real life."


"Best part of this course is the practical hands-on. I can understand better & will definitely recommend anyone going into the tech industry to take this course"

Izwan Alif


This course is for you, if:

Being able to program or having a deeper understanding of it will immediately give you the advantage as a working individual or business owner. Still, we understand that while this course brings lots of value, it may not be for everyone.

  1. You don’t know how to use an internet browser or Facebook.
  2. You are not open to learning new disciplines and expanding your skillset. 
  3. You are comfortable with your salary and career advancement.
  4. You don’t think there are huge opportunities lying around in the current digital age.
  1. You’ve been wanting to start an E-Commerce business and make it different from others!
  2. You’re building a tech business and you need a kick-start in web development. 
  3. You’re a web developer looking to take your skills to the next level, so you can enjoy a higher paying career.
  4. You understand that to thrive in the current digital age, it is a must to be able to code, or at least deeply understand it.

This course is NOT for you, if:

Early Bird Price is Ending Soon

Twin Admission

*15 seat capacity only. First come first serve basis.

  • General admission to 6 full-day classes
  • Source-code, PDF guides & web development tools
  • Access to lifetime members-only support group 
  • Access to post meetups

Lock in your seat at the early bird pricing, or bring a partner to save even more. The course is only open to 15 students, to ensure high learning quality. 

(2 Pax)

Early Bird Admission

Tickets includes:

General Admission

  • General admission to 6 full-day classes
  • Source-code, PDF guides & web development tools
  • Access to lifetime members-only support group 
  • Access to post meetups

Tickets includes:


Tickets includes:

  • General admission to 6 full-day classes for 2 Pax
  • Source-code, PDF guides & web development tools  
  • Access to lifetime members-only support group 
  • Access to post meetups

Prefer to pay via bank-in? 

Bank: Hong Leong Bank

Name: UCAN Technologies Sdn Bhd

Account: 1-81000-58291

Send your receipt to or through our Facebook page.

A211 2nd Floor Block A Damansara Intan E-Business Park,
1 Jln SS 20/27

Petaling Jaya, 47400


Why are we building an E-Commerce Site? 

Can't I just learn this online?

Why not just use an E-Commerce software/platform like Wordpress or Wix?

We like the idea of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). However, there is a reason why physical schools exist. To learn something effectively, you’ll need a mentor to show you.

Building an E-Commerce site requires a set of skills, from front-end & back-end development. When you acquire the skill to build E-Commerce websites, you can build almost anything else.   


I’m a total beginner. Would I be able to follow?

Yes, the course is designed to take you from someone with zero experience to someone who knows and understand the best practices to build effective E-Commerce websites. 

However, for a more effective learning experience, it’s recommended that you take up a free online coding workshop before the course.

The main issue met by most tech businesses when using off-the-shelf software is that they hit into tech limitations very quickly. 

- Want your own design? Nope. 

- Site became slow with a bigger database? Too bad. 

- Expensive monthly fees? Yup, sorry. 

If using off-the-shelf software for sites is the way to go, giant sites like Lazada would be using it already.


If for any reason, upon the end of the course, you did not manage to build your own E-Commerce site, you will get a 100% credit refund to use it for a future course.