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Lessons From Data Science & Marketing Experts at D/M Summit

We have been keeping something under wraps, just so we could get all the necessary background work done perfectly before we share it with you.  But now, its no longer a secret, is it? LEAD is proud to bring to you the first-ever virtual summit in Malaysia,...

How To Build Your Personal Brand as a Data Scientist?

You probably know that portfolio is the must-have to begin a data science career and get yourself hired. But, is having a portfolio sufficient? How do you stand out among other data scientists, when everyone has their portfolio? In this episode Dr. Lau spoke to Admond...

How To Land a Full Stack Developer Job without a Degree

So you have a great interest in web and app development that you have learned and practice coding and programming on your own. You may have even built a few web applications on your own now. You can pretty much do front-end and back-end web development. That means you...

What is inside a data scientist toolbox?

This episode, we go deep in technical and learn from Edmund the tools, libraries, and framework that he uses for daily tasks. Also, we discuss why is data engineering important to a company? From a career point of view, we discussed how has being a generalist with...

How can we use JavaScript in data science?

JavaScript, the most popular language for web development. Apart from that, can we use it for Data Science? In this blog post, I will share the use of JavaScript in my data scientist job and how you can use it to help you. My Background I have been actively involved...

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