How To Become A Data Scientist - Without A Degree Or Any Experience

If you're curious about how to become a data scientist, I thought I'll share the exact lessons I've learnt as a data scientist. 

Also, here are 3 common misconceptions: 

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29th March 2018 - 8PM GMT+8

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Misconception #1 - Data Science is Only For Web Developers

While it’s true that a part of the job requires developer skills but that’s not a necessary condition to become a Data Scientist.

Misconception #2 - You Need To Use Many 'Techy' Programs For Data Science

Not true. You can even do data analysis with Microsoft Excel! 

Misconception #3 - I Need A Degree To Do Data Science & Be Hired

A degree would help in credibility, but nothing beats true real-life data science skills, that are highly sought after by companies.

I want to show you what a data scientist really does, show you how to be one and promise it'll be the most interesting hour you'll spend in the week. 

- Dr. Lau Cher Han

"I was fortunate enough to get a PhD degree, but, do you really need that to become a data scientist?".

Join me in this online webinar and I'll explain what it takes to be a data scientist. 

Dr. Lau Cher Han

I will be hosting this webinar with Dr. Lau and will help you with your questions during the session. 

Host: Reuben Ch'ng

Who's Speaking In The Webinar?

What's Will You Get From This Webinar?

Learn The EXACT 3-Step Guide To Be A Data Scientist

Your Future As
A Data Scientist

Ask Questions

What is data science really? 

See a demo of Python programming used for real data science applications.

What are the certifications you'll need to be a data scientist?
Which programming language should learn first and what is your path, if you are a  beginner?

Ask questions, get answers and develop your knowledge about data science and how you can impact your career and life.

"Dr. Lau is a data scientist with a strong technology background. In Microsoft e-Research, he built a mobile sensing network, before joining the Australian Institute of Future Environments to develop a Greenhouse Gas Analysis system. His Ph.D. research focuses on using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Dr. Lau has also been an in-house trainer on Big Data for companies such as Intel, HP, and Standard Chartered Scope International. 

Since, we're going to get lots of questions about it..

  • The webinar is an online live event. You'll need a computer and internet connection.
  • Our webinar system can only host 100 attendees. If you can't make it, please give others the chance to register. 
  • The webinar is one-time only. We won't be sharing the recording.

This is that 'one' data science webinar where you'll learn
from a true industry-experienced data scientist. 

Register below and make sure to log on to the online webinar on 29th March, Thursday - sharp at 8PM.

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29th March 2018 - 8PM GMT+8